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"ZOIZ" -  Land art project, Gabrovnik, Mala Reka; N. Macedonia, (2015-2017) 


"Zoiz" is a collaborative land art project by three artists: Filip Velkovski, Marko Janev and Nikola Angelovski.

It concludes three sculptural formations, each placed on different parts of the country. The sculptures are constructed by natural materials. Experimenting with local materials, Filip Marko and Nikola are creating this environmental sculptures on remote locations, often very difficult to approach,  and almost impossible to find them. The sculptures emphasize the beauty of the surrounding, establishing visual and physical connection with it.


By creating this works, Filip, Marko and Nikola are question the institutional system and the format of exhibiting an artwork. Can an artwork exist without being seen by anyone except it's creators? What is the purpose of that kind of artwork? These are some of the issues that "ZOIZ" is analyzing

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