Filip Velkovski, (1988) is a visual artist living and working in Skopje, North Macedonia.

His artist research draws upon mental images, dreams and marginal mythologies. He use the medium of painting, installation and digital illustration in order to produce fictional scenarios and subversive spaces. Velkovski's works are composed of thick layers of colors and variety of materials, through which he emphasize the material and metaphysical aspects of the medium itself and its relation to the society.

Filip's work recently has been selected for XII Biennial of Young Artists at MoCA, Skopje, N. Macedonia (2018);  participated in workshop exhibition in "Neu Neu Gallerie" - experimental gallery space as part of Documenta XIV in Kassel, Germany (2017); and same year he had his first solo exhibition "Liminal Figures" in MKC Gallery, Skopje, N. Macedonia.

Since 2012 Velkovski has been affiliated with art collective КУЛА (Tower), a platform for inter-crossing artistic tendencies and inventive initiatives of the cultural agenda of the city of Skopje. 

Alongside his art practice, Filip work as a curator for a multimedia art festival “It’s easier to breathe underground” in Skopje, N. Macedonia. Together with a group of artists, he initiated the festival in 2013, and have been organizing it on an annual basis ever since. Taking place in an underground garage, the aim of the festival is to occupy public space and transform it into a gallery and performance platform. In Velkovski's role as the festival’s fine art exhibition curator, he has experimented with exhibiting fine art in the unorthodox settings, looking at how the work’s context changes within the site-specific location of the industrial environment of the garage.


2019  - Colaborative exhibition “Dream-out” site specific instalation, Struga, N. Macedonia

2018  - “XII Biennial of Young Artists” MoCA, Skopje,   N. Macedonia


2017  -  First solo exhibition “Liminal Figures” MKC Gallerie, Skopje, N. Macedonia
          -  Workshop and group exhibition “Neu Neu Gallerie”, experimental gallery space, “Documenta”  festival, Kassel, Germany
          -  Group exhibition multimedia festival “It’s easier to breath underground III” Skopje, N. Macedonia

2016  -  Group exhibition “Indoctrination” MKC Gallerie, Skopje,  N. Macedonia

2015  -  Group exhibition, “Land Art interventions” C.C. Kula, Skopje, N. Macedonia
          -  Group exhibition, “Student plenum” university “St. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, N. Macedonia,

2014  -  Group exhibition “IKNAV” C.C.Kula, Skopje, N. Macedonia
           -  Group exhibition “Pixels” C.C. Kula, Skopje, N. Macedonia
           -  Group exhibition “BOSH FEST” Gevgelija, N. Macedonia
           -  Group exhibition  “Paratisima” MKC Gallerie, Skopje,  N. Macedonia
           -  Group exhibition multimedia festival “It’s easier to breath underground II” Skopje, N. Macedonia

2013   -  Group exhibition multimedia festival “It’s easier to breath underground I” Skopje, N. Macedonia

2011    -  Group exhibition “Transform” Sofia, Bulgaria
            - Group exhibition “Gallery 7” Skopje, N. Macedonia

2010   -  Group exhibition, “Bake house Gallerie” Florida, Miami
            -  Group exhibition  “KIC Gallerie” Skopje, N. Macedonia

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