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It's Easier to Breath Underground

Art festival - "It's Easier to Breath Underground" co-founder, participant, curator; Skopje, N. Macedonia

"It's Easier to Breath Underground" is an annual multimedia art festival founded by art collective "Kula".

Alongside his art practice, Filip Velkovski is a curator and co-founder of the festival. Together with a group of artists, they initiated the festival in 2013, and have been organizing it on an annual basis ever since. Taking place in an underground garage, the aim of the festival is to occupy public space and transform it into a gallery and performance platform.


The DIY and guerrilla character of the festival enable the event to last only 5 hours, and it is happening every last weekend in December, when the air pollution is in it's peak. The main program of the festival is the fine art exhibition and a music performance, but occasionally a theater performances are included as well.


As a curator of the festival’s fine art exhibition, Velkovski experiment with exhibiting fine art in the unorthodox settings, looking at how the work’s context changes within the site-specific location of the industrial environment of the garage.

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