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Liminal Figures


"Liminal Figures" - solo exhibition, Gallery space YCC, Skopje, N.Macedonia (2017)

"Liminal Figures" is the first solo exhibition by Filip Velkovski. It contained 23 paintings all created in traditional medium.


Conceptually this exhibition explores the plain of the liminal state of mind.

In tribal rites of passages, the stage of transfer from one social status to another, according to the anthropologists, is defined as “liminal”. This is a stage in which individual’s or group’s identity who perform the rite, is floating in bordering line. Тhe transition from waking state to dream, from day to night are processes in which two particular states are separated with one state which is “between and betwixt”. This inbetween space and time is liminal zone.

The creative process of creation as liminal process is realm of possibilities which rejects all classifications. The mind in this stage is free from the burden of gained knowledge, attitudes and concepts, and it is fully devoted on solving the problem.


Products of such mind are “The liminal figures” which are neither man nor god nor devil.

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