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“Eternal” XII Biennial of Young Artists, MoCA, Skopje, N. Macedonia, 2018

"Eternal" is collaborative installation project by artist duo Filip Velkovski and Marko Janev AKA "Swamp brothers". 

The installation consist a shiny black pedestal in the shape of a diamond, on which a glass upside down pyramid is positioned. On the pyramid a small hologram gif is projected – two white translucent hands moving their thumbs up and down in eternal loop. This sculptural composition is placed inside curtain-created space, physically separating it from the gallery.

It takes time and courage to get inside the black curtain room. Finding the entrance is not easy since there is not obvious entrance sign or mark. When inside, in total darkness, the only light that can guide you is the light of the two flying wing-hands showing their thumbs, a nicer version of showing middle finger.

Inspired by Egyptian and science fiction aesthetics, “Eternal” is questioning the value of the institutional art system and gallery spaces.

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