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"Dream-out" - collaborative exhibition, object "Cinema", Struga, N.Macedonia (2019)

“Dream out” is a collaborative project by 5 artists: Filip Velkovski, Sali Ertunch, Viktorija Poposka, Milko Nestoroski and Goran Ristovski. The exhibition consisted three installations; “Reed” “Mud” and “Stone/Message” all created from natural local materials. 

“Reed” was made of reed plants positioned in circular formation, hanging upside down from the ceiling. On the wet ground beneath them a video of water flow from the local river was projected. The actual water reflected the projection on the wall, showing the water rush in opposite direction, giving strong association of fire flames. Visitors could play in the small pond and see the psychedelic displayed waves on the wall.

Next room is dedicated to the "Mud" installation created of brick-made pool filed with lake mud.  In the middle of the pool lay a glare pink stone, the only unnatural color - a visual intruder in the setting.

In the final room is the "Stone/Message" installation. On the porch of the room with circular mosaic, lays a black bold text on the floor - a quote from Isaac Asimov, that perfectly represents the political and social situation in the region. And then in the final room, a white mandala-like mosaic is spreading all across the room. The volume of the mosaic is in radiating wave formation,

One month before the exhibition, a big fires occur and destroyed 30 percent of the reed forest in the lake. The nature in that region is a victim, thanks to the economical benefits by individuals, and companies that are ruining the environment. The situation is so critical that the area is now under a threat of losing its UNESCO protected status.


The upside down values, carelessness of the local government for the environmental issue, initiated the local artists to gather and express their anxiety regarding the subject.

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