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S.w.S. is a collaborative site specific installation made by: Filip Velkovski, Goran Ristovski and Dorotej Neshovski. It is created in an old, break down church stable in a village Kalishta by the Ohrid Lake, N Macedonia in 2020.
It consists of two installations: Thee Gate and Thee Room. The materials used for this work (hay, shingles and chairs) were found and rearranged on the specific location. Color intervention is applied as finish touch.
This area has a lot of historical spots, such as remains of the Via Egnatia - the roman road, cave churches in which the monks did their contemplation and fasting sessions. Also it consist a written testimonies of many suicide cases by young girls and women that refused to accept different religion or trying to escape violence from the occupation soldiers. 

Drawn by the historical context of the stable, we approach with minimal intervention that would fuse with the surrounding and would generate a myth about the place itself.

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