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“Astroculture” (Skopje, N. Macedonia, 2021), is an audio - visual collaborative project between Jelena Belikj (photographer), Gjorgji Janevski (music curator) and Filip Velkovski (visual conceptualizer). 
It is a photo essay, documenting the creator of a DIY machine, operating it and pointing it towards the sky. 

This project emphasize the DIY eco culture in urban context. Following the engineer ongoing project of  Trajko Chekorov, a retired chemistry professor, who created unique machine in front of his residential building, that serves as a sun collector. By pointing the sun rays  towards a limestone, Trajko intend to use the chemical storage ability of the limestone and trap the sun energy within the rocks.
No mater if this is applicable in practice, Trajko believes in this theory, and he is building and improving this machine every day hoping it will serve it's purpose once its finished.

The Astroculture silkscreen image print  was used as a cover of music compilation Astroculture content of Macedonian musicians.

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